Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Gift...who are YOU? a little inspiration

I love teaching and I love my kiddos ....but lately even some of my calm kiddos have been invaded by the body snatchers and my kiddos who are usually wild and out of control so pumped and excited to learn and see me each day are overcome with Christmas cheer!

The kiddos I teach are not ones who are going to bring me gift certificates to Bath and Body Works or my favorite place to eat because some of them don't have food to eat for dinner or cars to get them to school much less the mall. Yes, those gifts would be nice but I am used to very loved stuffed animals, half filled bottles of perfume, or just a hug and an "I love you, Ms. Price!" Those gifts touch my heart because I know they are given with love even though some might be my White Elephant gift at the next Christmas Party.

I realize I have the chance to give each of my kiddos a gift that will last all year and for some, maybe a gift they will carry with them forever. Each kiddo in our rooms is carrying a gift for us to open. We often do not see it as a gift though. We see it as a burden or sometimes a behavior that drives us up the WALL!!! (and I forget many times to look with Eyes of the Heart!) How we treat them and that gift they bring us may forever change them. How we react to the bully, the child who argues, the quiet child who never says anything, or the wild and out of control child can be a GIFT to them because we could be the one to forever touch their heart.

I hope you read this poem as you try and survive end this time before your holiday break and I hope you read it before you come back to start the new year with your kiddos. Remember, YOU might be one of the greatest gifts your kiddos ever receive because a gift that touches the heart will last forever!

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As always, I would love a heart note about this poem.

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Smarties said...

Wow Heather,
I love your blog. Thanks for discovering mine and becoming a follower. I'm your follower as well. I love the poem and have that same mantra. I'll have to spend some time on your site checking out all of your freebies. I don't know how teachers do it all. I have share a few things over the last 2 years but I just can't seem to keep up with everyone else. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Camille said...

Heather, Beautiful poem! My personal life has been crazy lately and the kiddos in my class are VERY high spirited right now. Your poem is a reminder to just keep loving them. Thank you so much!
An Open Door

Ms. Rachel said...

that's great,

and I agree, my students have been big stinkers this week.

teacher girl said...

This is incredible. SO happy I found you. BEAUTIFUL poem. Thanks from your newest fan, Katie

May Beasley said...

This is a wonderful poem, this makes me think a lot about the inner city kids I used to teach. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone.
May Beasley

Traci said...

Love your poem. So sweet. Sometimes we need an extra little reminder.

I awarded you the Sunshine Award over on my blog. :D
Dragonflies in First

Anonymous said...

just another awesome poem with so much meaning, from you. Thanks for reminding us in this busy season about all the different kiddos out there. I think of one who will have his daddy leave 'after Christmas'...that will not make it any easier on him. So, I will hug and listen to him. God bless you for your Christmas.
debi nicol at yahoo dot com

zputty said...

Your poem is beautiful - it is going to be posted in our teachers' room today! A great reminder for all of us.

Thank you