Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Guess Who? Christmas Riddle Fun

My kiddos love riddles and they are great for helping my ELL kiddos develop vocabulary by using descriptive language. We play this game with blends and compound words so I quickly made one with Christmas words...and my kiddos LOVED it! We played today and they were very excited to then write their own Christmas Riddle.

Here is a picture of the trail game.

This game has no beginning or ending starting point. The player (or team) that has the most pairs at the end is the winner. A player draws a card and reads the word and moves to that picture or the player draws a riddle card and reads the riddle THEN moves to that picture. The players are trying to match the word card to the riddle card that describes that word. There are also special cards to take another player's card or one to trade a card. This really brings in the problem solving in deciding which card they should trade or take.

After we played, they wrote there own Christmas riddles. Here are a picture of 2 of them. We were still working when it was time to go so I was only able to get a few pictures. They are turning out really CUTE!

Click on the picture to grab your copy!

Please let me know if you have any questions about how to play. I would also love to know if you would like me to share my compound word riddle game and the one for blends. You know how much I LOVE your heart notes!

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3 heart notes:

zputty said...

You just made my fourth and fifth graders so happy next week and they don't even know it yet. I love this riddle game!

Primary Paradise said...

Hi Heather,
I just came across your blog. Love your background (the same one I chose for mine). Thank you so much for the Christmas Riddles. I also downloaded your poem....beautiful. I hope you can check out my Happy New Year Unit on TPT. I just posted it. Lots of fun. I'll be following your blog. I hope you can visit mine too.

Anonymous said...

Super timing! My kids will love this! Thanks for sharing!