Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ho, Ho, Ho and some SNOW

When I came across this ADORABLE snowman today, I had to use him right away. He is from Melonheadz Illustrating. You MUST go check out this blog treasure!!!

When we come back after Christmas (on January yuck is that!), we teach contractions. We have already talked about them in several of my reading groups but have not talked about them whole group with my train wreck story....and they L-O-V-E that story!

Here is a little *freebie* for a matching game. I hope you enjoy it! I love ALL of the D.J. Inkers snowmen....too bad we rarely see snow in East Texas!

Here is a fun little *freebie* to use in your math stations during the next few weeks. My kiddos LOVE this game. If you want to grab my other 50 chips games, click here.

Please don't forget about my AWESOME giveaway! Here is one more shirt that Sewing Sassy can make!

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I would LOVE a heart note if you grab these *freebies*!

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YearntoLearn said...

"Snow" cute. On some of your puzzles pieces the fonts are different I believe.

Heather's Heart said...

You are so right! Some of the fonts are different! I used Smiley Monster and that font won't do uppercase letters. On the contraction puzzles with "I" the font is different. =)

Ms. Chrissy B said...

<3 <3 <3 Thanks for the contractions game- exactly what I wanted this week :) New follower!

Buzzing with Ms. B

Kristin said...

Printing the contractions on cardstock as we speak!!! They are adorable!!!
What's your train wreck story?????? Is it a book? Or a personal story? Do tell! I also found melonzhead today, too!
I can't believe you go back on the 2nd. YIKES! We have 3 weeks off and don't go back until the 9th. We have 5 furlough days on that 3rd week - the pay cut hurt but I am really looking forward to the time off now! :)
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the freebies! I love the 50 chips game but I think I will have them put the chips on and subtract to get them off. Mine are pretty good at addition facts but subtraction is a whole different story!

CancelBlogger said...

Your snowy contractions are adorable! Also love your 50 chips games (downloaded the Christmas and your previous ones). Thank you so much for sharing your creative work:)

Kristin said...

NO NO NO NO NO, my principal does not read my blog! I would DIE! :)
That cracks me up about that one principal not allowing the use of dice. They're so great for math!!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Anonymous said...

<3 Love these freebies! Thanks for sharing- can't wait to print and use.

Jan-- who can't seem to get Blogger to give her account permission to post comments:(

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the Snowmen Contractions and the Christmas 50 Chips Activities with my students!

Unknown said...

This is awesome! Thanks for pointing me toward it! I don't know how I missed it!!
First Grade Blue SKies

Laurel Frazier said...

Going to play with the Snowmen contractions tomorrow- have to get through 3 more days. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

SO cute! And I downloaded your assorted 50 chips one from the past too. Thank you for that link as well.
Merry Christmas.

Julie DiBenedetto said...

Hi Heather!
I just followed a tip on this wonderful freebie from Teeny Tiny Teachers shout out to you!
Thank you so much for sharing!
Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

Martianne said...

Perfect homeschool learning for the blizzard we are having today. Thank you.