Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Gobble Up Some Freebies- Making 10 Fun

Hey friends! I am so excited that Thanksgiving Break is almost here! This will be the 1st time EVER to have the whole week off. Hello pajamas and NetFlix! :)

For those of you that have to go next week, I hope these *freebies* are something you can use.

We have been working on math facts and 10 makers. We have played games galore. A fun, quick game my kiddos love that can be modified by using ANY manipulative is What's Hiding? This is a great way to also work on Part Part Whole.

Using leftover Halloween candy corns turkey beaks, I hide some under the cup. The kiddos have to solve the missing part and tell me the addition and subtraction fact. For example, I tell the kiddos to close their eyes. I put 6 turkey beaks in the cup and flip the cup over. I put 4 next to the cup. The kiddos then open their eyes and I say my whole is 10. The kiddos will count on to 10 and tell me that missing part in the cup is 6. They will then tell me the missing part can also be solved by starting at 10 and taking away the part they know which is 4. So, the addition sentence would be 4+6=10 and the subtraction sentence would be 10-4=6. Finally, we flip the cup over, check our answer, and eat some turkey beaks. :)

Ready to turn your little turkeys into turkeys??? And all learning is better when you can make a hat, right?

Kiddos take turkey feathers and the 10 frame cards. They find the 10 makers and glue the pair on a feather. The students then write the 2 addition sentences for that problem. For example, 6 and 4 make 10 so my addition sentences are 6+4=10 and 4+6=10.

Here are some other ways for kiddos to Show What They Know about Making 10.

Click here to grab these *freebies* for yourself.

And here is one more *freebie*!
Grab it here.

I am thankful you hopped over to my little blog! Thank YOU for being a blessing to each and every child you teach.

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