Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cooking Pizza with Chef Ad J. Tive

When we did this lesson last year, my kiddos were crazy about it. I knew Chef Ad J. Tive would have to make a visit again. =)

When we came back from lunch on Friday, we had a letter waiting for us.

We also had 4 bags with mystery ingredients inside.

Chef Ad J. Tive told us to listen for the adjectives in each riddle because they would help us infer the ingredients we would be using.

We recorded the adjectives using interactive writing on a chart. Please keep in mind that I am NOT at all creative when it comes to making crafts. My chef hat is quite sad looking but my kiddos did not care. =)

This is the recording sheet my kiddos recorded the adjectives on.

After we inferred that we would be using strawberries, kiwi, blueberries, and a cookie, it was time for my little chefs to start cooking. They LOVED investigating the kiwi and got a kick out of this hairy fruit. We also got in some discussions about fractions and part-part-whole math.

Here are 2 of our adjective pizza creations.

Now, it was time for a craftivity. After seeing Cara's amazing and cutie patootie Compound Word Cooks, we turned them into Adjective Chefs.

They designed the pizza to look like the adjective pizza they made. They then wrote adjectives about the pizza around the plate. Here is a closer look. =)

Hop over to my TPT store to grab this fun *freebie*. =)

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Five for Friday on a Saturday =)

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for her 5 for Friday for my very first time.

 I don't usually do linky parties because they scare me. They often have you sharing about yourself and that is so hard for me. So, here goes....

1. Edison is by far the most curious and weird cat I have ever known. He is a MESS! He loves to help me do everything. Cutting out lamination can be hard beacause he always wants to lay on top of it. He loves plastic and licking it. He is obsessed with plastic grocery sacks. He will carry them all around the house. I love this cat. It is amazing how quickly our pets get to be our fur babies.

2. I am obsessed with these candles from Bath & Body works. What I really should have done is taken a picture of the cabinet with all of the candles I have. Let's just say that if I ever lose electricity for weeks I am all set with candles.

These candles remind me of the beach, pool, and summer and to me that means RELAXATION. =)

3. We had a blast with a super duper fun adjective lesson yesterday. We have a few things to finish up on Monday before I share about it. This is one of the adjective pizzas we made. =)

4. I would not mind doing so many running a records a week if I could have him cheering me on. I have such a hard time remembering to go back and MSV them.

5. Here I am with my 3 Chickadees at church on Easter Sunday. I love my nieces but do not like how tall they are. I am even wearing my tall shoes in this picture!

I am off to do some housework before heading off to relax by my sister's pool. It was a dreary 50 degrees the other day and it is supposed to get up in the upper 70's today. You gotta love Texas weather! =)

I would love for you to take a few minutes to tell me about how you do running records in your classroom/district.

From My Heart to Yours,