Monday, November 14, 2011

Turkey Scratch...Number HELP!!!!

As I was looking through some 100's charts my kiddos had completed I found myself getting a headache! OMGosh!!! I need a translator to decipher whatever "code" something scratched out on these 2 papers. I think my Blog Helper Edison-my cat aka Frankenstein aka The WONDER-CAT (seriously, he knows how to open the fridge and jump up on doors and perch...could have done a better job! We had a serious "Come to Jesus" talk about not letting the numbers trick our super duper smart brains by making our pencils do the wrong thing. Yep, we even talked about we need to be bucket fillers to the numbers so they won't get upset when they realize they look wrong! I then said I thought it looked like "turkey scratch" and a turkey must have snuck in their house and left a message on the paper that said "DO NOT EAT ME FOR THANKSGIVING!" Of course, I am saying this and my kiddos are saying "NO! That is a 35!" HAHAHA! I love a story with a side of drama and sarcasm! =)

I know it is still common for my Firsties to still be reversing numbers and doing squirrelly things so I am not too worried YET! Here is a quick game for practicing writing numbers and adding too! And the BEST part is you do not need TAG...or to LAMINATE it...or use COLOR INK!!!! WAHOO! I go through that stuff like CRAZY!!!! I change the pictures on this game many, many times for different seasons and units and my kiddos love to race the numbers to the top. I hope your kiddos enjoy it too!

Please leave me a heart note if you think this might ease some of YOUR turkey scratch pain!

Here are two pictures of my cat Edison "perching"!

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Jennifer said...

Edison is sooo cute!! I love your freebie!! I know my students need practice writing numbers. This looks like a "fun" way to do that!!

Andrea said...

I love your cat! Mine are crazy too. Thanks for the freebie. I was just complaining about their number writing today!!!

Sarah in Houston said...

This is great for writing practice. I'm using it tomorrow! I have been in 3rd for the last 3 years and COMPLETELY forgot what 1st graders know and don't know. This is going to be a big help and they are going to love!

Jennifer said...

Way cute and I feel ya on "WHAT IS THAT?!" on the papers. My favorite is when they can't read their own writing. "Friend, that's a problem!" Thanks for sharing this!

Rowdy in First Grade

Delighted said...

My goodness! Some of my kiddo's really need help with writing numbers! Thanks for sharing.
First Grade Delight

GA-K-teacher said...

My students played this yesterday and LOVED it. It was a lot more fun than simply "number writing practice!" THANKS for sharing!

Kimberley Moran said...

Thank you so much. I just became your newest follower because I needed some activities to not make two days be completely unproductive, but also to be amusing and I found your great ideas. Thank you!!!

1st in Maine

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this number activity with my students!

Lisa said...

Love Edison!!! I have Smokey who looks exactly like him!!!! She's always up to no good!!! Her new fave is scaling the Christmas tree! She's pretty stealth and has only knocked off one ornament!!! LOL

Your blog is super cute!! :)

Live Laugh and Love to Learn