Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankful Turkeys- a digraph sort

We have been talking about the H brothers and they have been helping us decode words with digraphs. When I tell the story about the H brothers, the kiddos get so excited and for the most part they remember those least when the kiddos remember to bring their brains to school (hahahaha)! But you can NEVER have too much practice when you are learning to read so here are some cute turkeys to help out! Just copy, laminate, and cut out and you are ready for some Thankful Turkey digraph fun. Click on the picture to get your copy!

graphics by Scrappin' Doodles

If you don't know about the H brothers, let me know and I will be happy to tell you all about them. =)

If you are THANKFUL for this activity, please leave me a heart note! =)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! And now...who are these H brothers??

Jennifer K. said...

I know about Mr. H and his girlfriends, but I hadn't heard about the H brothers - please share!

Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

dbturner said...

Yes, do share! Thanks so much for the freebie. Love the activity!

Ms. L said...

I want to know about the H brothers too! Please share! Thanks for the download.


Unknown said...

I love your blog and think your Blog is on Fire! Come over and read my post!

Mrs. Yazzie's Classroom News said...

Thank you for the Turkey sort.

And speaking of the poem ... I too have banged my head on the wall many a time, yet believe God divinely places children in our care. The poem, Because of You, is a great reminder that we are more than just a teacher. We impact others in a profound way!

Freckleteacher said...

I love your poem Heather! We are so blessed to be teachers and to have all of the children we get in our classes.

Heather's Heart said...

I am soooo sorry it has taken so long to get back to you about the H brothers.

The H brothers are 4 brothers that help teach sh, ch, wh, and th. The first brother is the Ch brother and he loves trains! He is always going around saying Ch-Ch-Ch-Choo-Choo. One of his other brother gets very annoyed with that so he is always telling him to Sh-Sh-Sh so they call him the Sh brother. The next brother is trying to learn how to whistle but isn't very good at it so all he makes is the Wh-Wh-Wh sound. The last brother is kind of a bully and a bucket dipper. He is always sticking his tongue out at people and making the Th-Th-Th sound.

I have pictures of the 4 brothers that I have no idea where they came from. I know I have seen similar stories on different blogs but cannot remember where. =(

Jennifer, I bet Mr. H and his girlfriends causes lots of giggles! =)

Please let me know if you need more explanation about the H brothers. I elaborate each year and change the story as I go and to fit the personalities in each class. =)

CancelBlogger said...

LOVE this and the timing for me is perfect!! THANK YOU so much for sharing:) I'm a new follower who found your blog through TBA...super happy to have found you:)

Cindy said...

Very cute! I just printed it for my stations next week. I wanted to tell you that you can purchase a book called The Story of the H Brothers from SmartyPants Publishing. It's very reasonably priced and comes with a poster too!

Brenda Aimone said...

My heart is thankful for your sharing! My kiddos will have more fun learning because of you!

Kristin Young said...

How much do I love all of your sharing?! I am thankful for you today sister! These are fabulous!! :)

Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten