Sunday, November 18, 2012

I WILL Survive....Turkey Style

I am jealous and unfollowing happy for all of you bloggy friends who are already enjoying their week long Thanksgiving Holiday. I have 2 days or 14 hours or 420 minutes or 50,400 seconds. In the words of my favorite Thanksgiving song, I WILL SURVIVE!

This is Gloria Gobbler's Sequel: You Can't Gobble Me

And you just have to love Can't Stuff This...

Here is a fun time filler engaging sight word activity.

Click here to download. =)

Here is a fun song to add to your poetry journals.

For those of you already celebrating and relaxing, think of us as
WE SURVIVE the next 2 days. =)

I hope everyone has a relaxing and fun filled time with family and friends. As I count my blessings, I remember each of you. =)

From My Heart to Yours,

24 heart notes:

Lisa Mattes said...

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving, Heather!!! Thanks for the fun freebies, as always! I, too, will be in school for two days and am counting down. :)
Growing Firsties

First Grade Carousel said...

Have a great Thanksgiving. We have half days with the children and then conferences this week. I love your videos ~ they put a smile on my face. I think the children are going to love singing 'Turkey on the Farm" tomorrow. Thanks :)

Nancy VandenBerge said...

Loooove the Turkey on the farm song!! Can't wait to use it with my kiddos next year!! :) I am thankful for you!!

Kelly Thigpen said...

Thanks so much for the fun ideas!! Your blog is so fun and inspiring! Thanks for sharing...

Enjoy your week as I feel your pain on two days away from thanksgiving time!!

Miss Trayers said...

Those videos are too cute! I have 2 more days left too, but I'm kind of glad because we still have some holiday projects to finish up. Thanks for sharing!


Jill said...

Love the videos, I got a real chuckle out of them.. Hope your two days go well and rapidly, thanks for the song. Happy thanksgiving!

Jennifer Reck said...

I love everything about this post except that I have to teach two more days, too! I'm actually happy about it because I can use the song your sharing...I'm thankful for you!

Chrissy said...

I am laughing out loud! Thanks for the activities and the video links!

We work through Wednesday; do you feel better now? :-)

Maria Eshman said...

Thanks for the Freebies, Heather!
I'm in with you until Tuesday, but feeling sorry now for Chrissy who has to teach until Wednesday.

I'm thankful for your beautiful blog!

Grade School Giggles said...

Thanks for sharing the cute song and funny videos. I'm off for the holidays already, but I am pinning this post to my November board so I can find it again next year. Thanks again for sharing.
Grade School Giggles

Heidi Harrell said...

I am in LOVE with your blog! I was in tears reading it. Such an inspiration - and so true. Edward Scissorhands exists in my room too, and booger eating, booty scratching, tooting little people. I love it! I am adding you to my favorite list.

So happy to find your blog!


First Grade Fancy Pants said...

These videos are too funny! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I still have tomorrow left before we get out! So ready! We can do it!

Best in First said...

Hey Heather! Your turkey's look great! All of this Thanksgiving stuff is making me need more time!! I looked at some stuff today and just had to say I can't and put it down! Ha Have a great holiday!!!

Jessica Fredrickson said...

What a cute poem! :) Thanks Heather and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!


Mrs. Delzer said...

Thank you so much for following our little blog and for your kind words! I love your blog too! Thanks for sharing all your awesome ideas! I'm sending you some love from Minnesota and following you right back! :)


Karen Hester said...

I had to go to school Monday and Tuesday as well (first time in 8 years). My kids were home and had a good old time. I kept hoping some of my students might be absent (isn't that awful?), so we'd have a nice chillaxin' day. But no such luck. So now it's Wednesday, my turkey is still frozen, and my house is a mess!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Meg said...

Thanks for stopping by my new blog and leaving encouraging words! Your blog is adorable! :)

Happy Thanksgiving to you!


Tracey Schumacher said...

Those videos are hysterical! Thanks for sharing! My break was short too...But we had off a week due to the Hurricane- looking forward to getting back!
:) Tracey

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