Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bonkers for Butterflies and a Giveaway

****The giveaway is now closed and a winner will be announced soon! =) ****


Are you there yet??!!???!!!

There are a few moments I have felt that way lately. My kiddos really have been wonkers  cray cray  squirrely  pretty good....I have been the one feeling a little bonkers. I have reached the point where I might scream if I hear I don't like it when you___________. Please stop.

Yes, we have worked all year on using our big voice and handling problems but like any family, Our School Family is full of a few siblings that are starting to get a wee bit fussy. My kiddos really have been doing a great job....there are just a few who want to check to see if Ms. Price has her Heart of Patience.

Moving on......

Several weeks ago I found the cutest butterfly bowls. I grabbed some and then started creating Bonkers for Butterflies. This turned into a packet that kept growing and growing and growing. I finally gave birth to it at 101 pages.

This packet includes:

* 3 rhyming activities- a rhyming match, an inferring riddle rhymes cover-up and a read the room
*a compound word sort
*nouns, verbs, and adjectives sort
*sorting the 3 sounds of -ed
*short vowel and magic e sort
*real and non-sense word sort

And my kiddos favorite-
a butterfly letter hunt for initial, medial and final phoneme isolation

Click on the picture for a preview! =)

Check it out at my TpT store here

Since I appreciate all you do, it is on sale!!!! Wahoo!

Here are some pictures of the game and the butterfly bowls

I am giving away 3 butterfly bowls and 3 items from my TpT store to one lucky winner. These bowls can be used with the games to sort cards in, to hold letters, or any wonderful idea that many of you will have.

Here is how you can enter:

1. Leave a comment telling me that you follow me.
2. Leave a comment telling me you shared about the giveaway.
3. Leave a comment telling me what your favorite summer dish is....whether you cook it or just enjoy eating it =)

I will choose 1 winner this weekend.

I think I have reached my word limit for the day. =)

I pray for patience for us all as we count down the days.

Blessings to you!

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Jaycee Weaver and Lohren Nolan said...

I follow you and I love, love, love your blog!!


Lohren Nolan

Amanda said...

I follow your blog, and I love those bowls! So cute!! Thanks for visiting my blog as well!


Anonymous said...

I am a dedicated follower. Love your blog!

TiffanyM said...

It's not a dish, but is something we only have in the summer months when the water is warm around here...CRABS and corn on the cob!!



Mrs. Richling said...

My favorite summer dish is Strawberry and Feta Salad!


KinderKiddies said...

I am a newbie and now follow your blog… come by and visit…kinderkiddies1.blogspot.com

Darlene said...

Here in Texas - Blue Bell ice cream is a summer must!

Cindy Del Valle said...

I follow your blog!


Buggy In Kindergarten said...

I LOVE your blog and have been following for as long as I can remember!

mcoop1125 said...

I follow your blog...thanks for all the ideas! I could eat my weight in tomatoes in the summer...and of course, smores!

Cindy Del Valle said...

My favorite summer dish is hot dogs. I like them with ketchup, mustard, and onions. They have to have onions. Now I'm craving a hot dog, lol.


Buggy In Kindergarten said...

I enjoy eating watermelon in the summer. I know this is not a dish... but most of the other summer foods I like I'll eat all year long.

Buggy In Kindergarten said...

I posted about your giveaway on my blog! http://buggyaboutlearninginkindergarten.blogspot.com/2012/05/craziness.html

Cindy Del Valle said...

I shared your giveaway on my FB page. https://www.facebook.com/PrimaryReadingParty


Buggy In Kindergarten said...

Ahh!!!! I forgot to add my e-mail addy it is buggyinkindergarten@gmail.com

ksteacher81 said...

I love to make/eat frozen pink lemonade pie in the summer.
Ruthanne rarace81@gmail.com

Mrs. Wheeler said...

I follow your blog!


Mrs. Wheeler said...

My favorite summer meal is chicken/steak kabobs on the grill! Love them!

Smoran892 said...

I follow your blog, that unit looks adorable, and my favorite summer food is ANYTHING with lobster, yummm!


Linda said...

I love just cooking on the grill!

Chrissy said...

I absolutely follow your blog! It's fantastic! I'm putting Conscious Discipline on my summer reading list.
 Chrissy

First Grade Found Me

Chrissy said...

My favorite summer dish is salad with grilled veggies, grilled chicken, and ranch dressing.My mouth is watering reading some other people's favorite dishes! Can it be summer now?
 Chrissy

First Grade Found Me

Sandie said...

Hi there! I follow and LOVE your blog! :)


Sandie said...

I also shared your giveaway using Twitter and Facebook (which all shows up on my blog...)


Sandie said...

My favorite thing to eat in the summer is my mothers Summer Salad. It's full of rich, delicious flavors and not at all salad-y. lol Chunks of provolone, salami, lettuce, of course, marinated artichoke hearts, carrots, thinly sliced radishes, all with some amazing dressing tossed on it (and there's like 20 other things in it that I can't think of right now...) But it's so good. A big bowl of that with a loaf of Italian bread and I'm in summer heaven! :)


Jenalyn said...

My favorite dish is all the yummy veggies and fruits that are available during summer. I also love all the desserts I get to make because I have enough time!! On another note, I can't wait to read Conscious Discipline this summer!

Briawna said...

Cold watermelon is my favorite in the summer!

Lori said...

My favorite summer dish is a dessert called "green stuff." It has lime gelatin, cool whip, and crushed pineapple in it with a graham cracker crust. It tastes so good if you freeze it!

Andrea said...

My favorite summer dish is anything barbeque. I love burgers and hot dogs.


Kshee23 said...

My favorite summer dish is pasta salad...any kind!


Kelly B aka Queen Bee! said...

I tweeted about your giveaway!



Elyse said...

My favorite summer time food is grilled veggies! Or anything grilled really, I love grilling!

Elyse @ My Life With a Cherry on Top

Heidi said...

I follow your blog and absolutely LOVE everything you post. YOu have helped me to become a better teacher with some of your posts.

My (Not So) Elementary Life

Heidi said...

My favorite summer dish is hamburgers and squash/potatoes done on the grilled.

My (Not So) Elementary Life

Jessica Stanford said...

My favorite summer dish is annnnnnnny salad... macaroni, potato, spring, ANY! :)


Jessica Stanford
Mrs. Stanford's Class Blog
My TpT Store

Mrs.LaSota's Blog said...

My favorite summer dish is black bean, corn and feta salsa! :) YUM!

I also will blog about it the next time I blog!

I'm also having a giveaway- so feel free to stop on by too! :)



Aubrey said...

My favorite summer dish is just a plain ole fruit tray! I love cold, fresh fruit on a hot summer day!!

Storie said...

Heather - I JUST joined the blogging world and created a new TpT store, too. I am so amazed by all of the incredible work you have created over there. I found your blog and started following you. I am happy to mention your giveaway, but I don't have any readers :( My favorite summer dish is a pasta salad that I make. ~ Storie

Kim said...

My favorite summer dish is mueller's elbow macaroni salad with any grilled meat.


Miss Squirrels said...

Margarita's and 5 layer Taco Dip...not much better during the summer:)

Going Nutty!


Corinna said...

My favorite summer dish is grilled anything, but mainly fish and shrimp!!

Surfin' Through Second

Lori said...

I feel your pain!!!!!
I follow your blog & L.O.V.E. it! Thank you for the inspiration you give me!

Lori said...

My favorite summer dish..hmmm...crawfish!!

zputty said...

My favorite summer dish is grilled chicken salad with dried cranberries, walnuts, and apple on whole grain. It tastes good all year round, but so much better when I'm sitting on my deck in the sunshine.


danae said...

I shared your giveaway on pinterest.

danae said...

My favorite summer dish is COWBOY CAVIAR. It's a great, light dish with avacado, tomoatoes, cilantro, beans, and a couple other things. Its a dip used for chips :) Perfect for pool side....

Keys4Education said...

I follow and love your fun blog! :o)

jennkeys @ gmail . com

Keys4Education said...

My favorite, favorite, favorite summer dish has to be my mom's famous macaroni salad. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! :o)

jennkeys @ gmail . com

Izzysmim said...

Our favorite summer dessert is homemade peach ice cream made with fresh peaches from a local orchard. YUM! YUM!

sarah said...

My favorite summer dish is anything sweet! I guess that's year round too!:)


Jessica said...

I follow your blog:)


Jessica said...

My favorite summer dish is strawberry shortcake...I love strawberries!


Erin said...

My favorite summer dish is tomato salad -- tomatoes, shallots, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, and fresh basil. Preferably served with lots of other fresh from the garden goodies and grilled kebabs! Yum!!

Tracy said...

I follow you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Conscious Discipline. I went out and bought the book and am in the process of reading in now.

Tracy said...

I love strawberry shortcake too, and fresh cherry tomatoes from the garden.

Inspired in Second said...

I follow you and look forward to your inspiring posts.
- Amanda {avphilli@gmail.com}
Inspired in Second

hcarp said...

I love strawberry salad in spring and summer. hcarpenter@ebrschools.org

Karyn said...

My favorite summertime dish is shrimp pasta salad! So delish!


Owl Things First said...

I love following you! I shared about your blog and giveaway. Hands down favorite dish...Strawberry Shortcake

Sheep Tending Sheep

Jennifer K. said...

My favorite summer dish is pasta salad with the multi-colored veggie noodes, plus lots of colorful bell peppers and purple onions. Drizzle it all with Sun-dreid Tomato vinagrette!

Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

Amelia said...

I follow your blog and I just LOVE it!


Amelia said...

My favorite summer dish is grilled chicken salad. Yum!


Rene said...

I follow your blog!!!



My favorite summer dish is

Rene said...

My favorite summer dish is homemade icecream!


Ms. Kennedy said...

Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog, we are TX neighbors :) I love your blog and for summer food...... have to go with good ole fashioned snowballs! YUM

wvpteacher said...

I love squash casserole during the summer. We pick the squash right out of our garden!

Sara Gaitan said...

I follow your blog and I truly enjoy reading your posts about CD... they are very inspiring and heartfelt!
I will be sharing your giveaway on my blog as well!
My favorite summer dish is anything that requires the least amount of cooking! Like a taco salad... or just some chips and guacamole or pita chips & hummus! LOL

Teaching Munchkins

S. Landry said...

I absolutely follow your blog and love it! I'm seriously considering entering the blogging world myself so I'm (until the school year is over) just observing other blogs and admiring all the hard work y'all do. Keep it up!

Shibahn Landry

S. Landry said...

I have shared this giveaway on facebook. The butterfly unit looks absolutely adorable! Great job working on it! And LOVE the bowls!

S. Landry said...

Oh and my husband loves to make my pasta salad. It's the easiest thing ever- cook spiral rainbow pasta as normal. Once cooked and drained, either run under cold water or chill in the refridgerator. Add italian dressing, parmesian cheese, and ANY fresh veggie you like! Get creative and make it colorful. So easy to do and goes great with parties. I always get rave reviews even when it's pasta, dressing, and cheese! Enjoy!

Eileen Griffin said...

Oh my, these look adorable!! I love butterflies! As you know of course, I follow your blog. I feel you on the tattling. It's an epidemic with my kiddos right now.:0/

Nicole said...

Hi Heather,
I follow you! We are studying butterflies right now and have a bunch in our classroom! This is super cute!

As for my favorite food in the summer... fresh made salsa with a nice drink! :)

Thanks for sharing all of your ideas!

A Frenzy of Fun in 1st Grade

Unknown said...

I follow you! And I love your blog, what a blessing! ~Heidi V.

Unknown said...

My favorite summer dish right now is Strawberry Shortcake, with angel food cake, lots of strawberries, and whipped cream! But I also LOVE ice cream! ~Heidi V.

Brianne said...

My favorite summer dish is anything BBQ and corn on the cob!!

Cathy Irwin said...

My summer go to's are BLTs with cheese and mayo!

Cathy I.
Mrs. I's Class

Katie said...

I'm following you now!! The beginning of your post made me laugh... I often tell my kids they're driving me bonkers. HaHa.
Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

Katie said...

My favorite dish in the summer is a big bowl of strawberry ice cream with rainbow sprinkles :) yummmm!

Jennifer said...

I follow you & LOVE your blog! Adding it to my MUST read list...I follow so many great bloggers I don't have time to read them all every day, however you are encouraging and I'm loving your posts on CD. I think I NEED the book and will start reading it very soon!

Jennifer said...

My favorite summer dish is probably grilled sweet corn with LOTS of butter and season salt :-)

Leah Zilberman said...

My favorite summer dish is watermelon. Cold, cold watermelon. yum!

Katie Groves said...

Well, I am finally a follower! I think I am an old soul because this technology thing is taking a long time for me to adapt! Thanks again for tracking me down on my blog! I will try to share more ideas soon!


Katie Groves

Andrea said...

I follow your blog!

Andrea said...

I love broccoli salad in the summer time. And nothing is better than ice cream for dessert!

Andrea said...

I shared the giveaway on my blog.


Sarah Hankinson said...

I just found your blog from a teacher friend! I love the your butterfly kit, especially as I'm trying to find exciting things to do with my first graders for the rest of the year!

Elementary with Mrs. P. said...

Thanks for following me! Even more, thanks for the reminder from Colossians about doing work for the Lord. I needed that today!

Ashley @ ElementaryWithMrsP.blogspot.com

Tam said...

My favorite summer dish is salad! I love to pile fresh fruit and nuts on top of baby spinach leaves!

Heidi said...

I shared about this giveaway at the following link: http://mynotsoelementarylife.blogspot.com/2012/05/sugar-overload-lots-of-awesome-blogger.html

My (Not So) Elementary Life

Jennifer said...

My favorite summer dish is anything from the barbecue. I also love tomatoes.

The First Grade Dream

Ruth S. said...

Love, love, love your adorable blog! So many wonderful ideas and posts!!