Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Leprechaun's Birthday ...A Compound Word Investigation

On Friday morning, we opened the breakfast cart and found a letter from Lucky the Leprechaun. In the letter he told us that he is having a birthday soon. Since all leprechauns LOVE rainbows, he sent us on a search to find the rainbows he hid all around the school.

As we found the rainbows, we talked about what kind of words we kept finding on the cards. We knew they were all....


After finding all of the rainbows, we opened the TOP SECRET envelope.

Inside were riddle clues.

We got into our investigation groups and each team came and got a riddle to try and solve. The kiddos were able to look at the compound words we discovered on our RAINBOW HUNT to infer which compound word it could be.

When the mission was complete and all of the riddles were solved, we got to open the final envelope. Inside was a poem from Lucky.

Lucky the Leprechaun told us he left a birthday present for us...and it was a compound word treat. We brainstormed what the present could be. He also told us in the poem that the gift would be found in a place that was also a compound word. We thought it could be a classroom, the bathroom (ewwwww) or....


When we went out onto the playground we found this.

Inside were rainbow cupcakes and Leprechaun necklaces.

You cannot see the red layer but it was there.

Lucky the Leprechaun also left us some compound word activities to work on when we come back from Spring Break. He also told us to be looking when we come back because he just might hide a pot of gold for us to find! =)

Here is a closer look at what is in the fun and engaging packet...

I am joining together with the wonderful Miss-Kindergarten to give away my packet
Her adorable compound word craftivity.

Enter below. The giveaway will end on March the 11th.

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Miss Kindergarten said...

Love, love, love that lesson!! Can't wait to do it with my class! Thanks for hosting the giveaway :)

Nancy VandenBerge said...

This is the cutest!!!! WOW!! That was a lot of work! what an amazing teacher you are!! Your kids are so "lucky!" Have a great break!!

Sarah Hankinson said...

So cute! Must be the season for compound words; I just worked up some new lessons and activities, too!

Learning is for Superstars
FB page

Janet said...

This is SO cute!! I entered the giveaway... fingers crossed that I win! :) What a great giveaway. :)

Mrs. D's Firsties

Danielle said...

What a cute idea, Heather. I'm sure your students will always remember compound words with this introduction :)

Carolina Teacher

Unknown said...

Wow, it looks like you guys had so much fun! Such cute ideas. I'm sure they will remember it for years to come!

K-3 Connection

Sara said...

This is SO SO cute! I love the cupcakes. I made rainbow ones for my friend's daughters birthday but they weren't as pretty as those ones.

Kimberly Ann said...

LOVE those cupcakes! I have seen cakes like that before! Are those super hard to make!?

Kimberly Ann
Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

Deirdre said...

We have compound words coming up next week. I LOVE this. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and following me! So sweet.
Also A+++ on the rainbow cupcakes. I made a rainbow cake a couple years ago. That's a lot of work!

Unknown said...

Oh, how fun! This is the cutest idea. I'll bet your kiddos loved every minute of it!

The rainbow cupcakes are gorgeous!

Inspired Elementary said...

Hi, Heather!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog at Inspired Elementary! Wow, I'm so impressed with all of your amazing work over here at Heather's Heart. Thanks for inviting me to stop by....and now I'm YOUR newest follower :-)

Erin Lane
Inspired Elementary

Apple Blossoms said...

Those activities look wonderful!! And I realllyyyy want a bite of that cupcake!

~ Ms Apple Blossoms
Apple Blossoms

Ride Away With Mrs. Ridgway said...

I am blown away by this awesome activity!! You seriously did everything to make compound words memorable. I thought I was being crazy for leaving green lucky charms for my kiddos on the Monday after St. Patrick's day. You took the... cupcake! ;)

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes rainbow cupcakes?! Talk about dedication right there! I bet they loved those :D

Mr. Giso said...

WOW! Very fun. Those cupcakes are something your students will be talking about for years.

Unknown said...

Heather your blog makes my heart sing! I love it. I am a heart lover also! My favorite Bible verse is Eph. 4:32. I would want my boys in your classroom!
I feel the same way sometimes (your post about still making things, still working over time.) We keep doing it though because it is what we do!
What a wonderful blog. I know your students loved the St. Paddy's Day activities.
I signed up for emails also!
Visit me at Teaching By The Sea

Whimsy Workshop Teaching said...

Heather thank you for stopping by my blog today - such a nice surprise considering I've only just started it up recently. (I used to have another one but just changed over.)
You blog is so amazing and inspiring! I love the enthusiasm that comes through for those precious little ones that we are blessed to spend our days with.
Thank you and please don't hesitate to include me if you need giveaway donations or anything else that will make your online world flourish!
Susanna Westby
Whimsy Workshop

Unknown said...

I really love the rainbow cupcakes. I was thinking about making those, but I wasn't sure how hard it would be.

Unknown said...

I have been wanting to make those rainbow cupcakes. I was going to try to do them for my son's birthday and I didn't quite get to it. I love hiding them in a rainbow box. Next year if I have a helpful room mom that is good at baking I'm going to have to try it.