Sunday, October 23, 2011

Trick or Tweets-Spooky Antonyms

My kiddos and I have had so much fun learning about antonyms. On Thursday, we received a letter from the Tweets telling us to look for them around the school and to see what we noticed about the words on the pumpkins. They also left us some smarties to help our brains get ready to be good word detectives. As we moved around the school, we found the Tweets everywhere.

Here is our first letter from the Tweets with some Smarties...brain food!  :)

Here are some of the Tweets we found.

As we found the Tweets, we discussed the words. Many kiddos were starting to think the words might be rhyming words, verbs or antonyms. On Friday, we put all of the Tweet cards in the pocket chart and the kiddos quickly realized they were antonyms and we matched them. During lunch, I got all of the ingredients ready and put them in the cauldron with the recipe to make Tweet Treats and Boo Juice. The Tweets also left us another letter. All of these things were waiting for us inside our door when we returned from lunch and I was just as shocked as the kiddos to see them there!  :)

Here are all of the ingredients that were inside the cauldron.

As we added the ingredients, we discussed the antonym that described each ingredient. We added hard bones, soft mouse brains, hot lizard hearts, cold cat eyes, and chocolate covered ants for antonyms (hehehe-some of my kiddos did get the humor in that!). As we added the ingredients, we drew and labeled them on the recording sheet.

We stirred all of the ingredients and served. :)

After all of the kiddos had some Tweet Treat, we examined each ingredient and discussed adjectives that described how each ingredient looked, smelled, felt, sounded and tasted. I drew my charts on the SmartBoard since I am cute chart challenged!

Next, we made repeating and growing patterns with our ingredients.

Here is the recording sheet for the patterns.
graphics by Scrappin Doodles

Then, we made Boo Juice. These are the antonyms we discussed in the recipe: sour frog blood, sweet pumpkin juice, a few magic fizzy tabs and many shakes of ghost powder.

My kiddos L-O-V-E-D every activity we did and they learned so much! If you want to bring the Tweets to your classroom, please go check it out!

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Stacey said...

Love this idea! You are so creative! These kids are so blessed with an awesome teacher!! :)