Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin Measurement

Right now I am going completely BATTY because I have not been able to access my school email since Friday night! And since I can be a wee bit OCD, this means I am checking it WAY more than my usual 50 times a day waiting to see if it is back up!

Here is an easy but fun activity to put in your math work stations during the next few weeks. All you need are some candy pumpkins. (You could use pumpkin die-cuts if you don't want to use the candy ones).
Have your kiddos measure the different objects and record how many pumpkins long each object is. When kiddos finish, they cut out the objects and order them from the shortest to the longest.

I hope your kiddos enjoy this. I know my little ones will....and yes, we will count how many pumpkins are in the bag they will use AND talk about how many germs there will be on the pumpkins so no little darling will want to steal accidentally eat one!  =)

Please leave a heart note and let me know what you think....I have more spooky math stations to share!

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Christy's Kinders said...

I enjoyed your pumpkin measurement paper and the hidden 10 frames. I'm not positive I understand how to use the 10 frames though.

Heather's Heart said...

Christy, I use the hidden 10 frames in many different ways. I use them as transitions for lining up where the child has to tell me how many pictures are missing to complete the 10 frame. We also write the addition sentence that would match. For example, if one 10 frame is showing 6 frogs then the hidden 10 frame has 4 frogs, so the addition sentence would be 6+4=10. I hope that helps! =)