Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday's Heart Start: Are You Ready?

Hi Sweet Friends. Y'all have been on my heart constantly and there have been so many times when I wanted to sit down and blog but just couldn't. I'll go more into all of that in another post. I have truly missed blogging and sharing with each of you. Blogging has always helped me get my heart in the right place. So....I am going to start a series on this blog...or at least try my best to.

I love Sundays because they are the start of a new week. Yes, they are the end of the weekend. Yes, I spend them procrastinating about writing my lesson plans. Yes, I LOVE my nap after church. But the reason I love Sundays is they are my HEART START to the week. They are God's reminder that each day and week is a fresh start.

It is so easy to dread Mondays. Each Monday when I pull into the parking lot it is easy for me to not want to put my first foot onto my campus. I know the days and week will be full of obstacles and more on my plate than I can usually deal with since I don't have super powers. :)

I love teaching but it is all of the other STUFF that gets me down. I know how much the power of encouragement can uplift a heart and make a difference. I want to give those words of encouragement to others if I can....especially to my kiddos. :)

I know I have to have my attitude in check because if I don't, a bad attitude will bring me down.

My attitude will effect my kiddos.

Your attitude will effect your kiddos.

There are times I need to listen to certain songs, pray, and find inspiration in the things that remind me WHY I teach.

This video always reminds me of the importance and the difference that teachers make.

As you get ready for a new week, make a plan to encourage, uplift, and serve others. Remember, God gives you a gift each day. A day we can use to make a difference by sharing His love with others.

From My Heart to Yours,

4 heart notes:

Mrs. Landry said...

Welcome back! I have loved following your blog ever since I found it a couple years ago. Thank you for always being an encouragement to the rest of us. You always have a kind word to say and it works. Can't wait to see what this post series has!
Mrs. Landry's Land of Learning

youngprekteacher said...

I am so happy you will be back to blogging. I look for to the encouragement!

Patty Rutenbar said...

I've been doing some serious sorting of my TPT files and I came across several of yours. So I came back to your blog to check into your TPT store to see if I could get the direction page for Feet activity. (now I've forgotten what the exact name of it is. . . Oh my! The mind is going!)
I noticed that you haven't blogged in a while. I hope that you are ok and that you know you can lean on all of us here in Bloggyland. Please take care. I'm off to your store now!
Second In Line