Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cooking Pizza with Chef Ad J. Tive

When we did this lesson last year, my kiddos were crazy about it. I knew Chef Ad J. Tive would have to make a visit again. =)

When we came back from lunch on Friday, we had a letter waiting for us.

We also had 4 bags with mystery ingredients inside.

Chef Ad J. Tive told us to listen for the adjectives in each riddle because they would help us infer the ingredients we would be using.

We recorded the adjectives using interactive writing on a chart. Please keep in mind that I am NOT at all creative when it comes to making crafts. My chef hat is quite sad looking but my kiddos did not care. =)

This is the recording sheet my kiddos recorded the adjectives on.

After we inferred that we would be using strawberries, kiwi, blueberries, and a cookie, it was time for my little chefs to start cooking. They LOVED investigating the kiwi and got a kick out of this hairy fruit. We also got in some discussions about fractions and part-part-whole math.

Here are 2 of our adjective pizza creations.

Now, it was time for a craftivity. After seeing Cara's amazing and cutie patootie Compound Word Cooks, we turned them into Adjective Chefs.

They designed the pizza to look like the adjective pizza they made. They then wrote adjectives about the pizza around the plate. Here is a closer look. =)

Hop over to my TPT store to grab this fun *freebie*. =)

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Erin said...

I LOVE this idea! Wish Some days, I wish I taught elementary school so I could do cute things like this!

Erin said...

This is an absolutely fabulous idea! I'm thinking this will make a good end of the year writing activity as we work from kinder level to first grade level. Thanks so much for sharing!

It's "OWL" Good in Kindergarten

Teaching Little Miracles said...

This is a great idea! We have done adjectives already this year, so I'm going to have to tuck it away for next year or throw it in for review. Very creative!

Teaching Little Miracles

Mrs. Griffith said...

Fruit pizzas are one of my FAV desserts!!! I would have love to be in your class that day. Super cute idea...as always!

For the Love of First Grade

LaSchu said...

What a great way to practice inferring and adjectives! I think my little ones will love this!
Enchanting Elementary

Nicole Steele said...

I LOVE this!!! My kinders will never forget a lesson like that! Thank you for sharing :)

Shelia said...

Thank you! I will use this for our Monday Funday!

FunintheFours said...

I think even my third graders would like this :) I know I'd like to make a fruit pizza like this - and what the teacher wants to do, the students will do :)


Fun in the Fours

Vanessa said...

Thank you for sharing! I can't wait to use this during Daily 5!

I am having a mid-year classroom photos linky party, I hope you can join me!

Kindergarten Schmindergarten

Melissa P. Brittany P. said...

What a wonderful idea! Can't wait to share this with my class! Just when I thought it had all been done... so creative!!!


Nancy VandenBerge said...

Way cute, Heather!!! You always put so much energy into your lessons. Your kids are blessed!!

Conner4 said...

I love the idea and think it might help my students with adjectives. Thanks for being so kind and sharing.

Leslie said...

Oh, I wish I could have seen this when we were focusing on adjectives... I LOVE this idea! I may still use it as a review activity. ;) Either way, I am saving it for later! Thank you for sharing!!!


Mrs Ward said...

Too cute an idea! Heather - you might be interested in the letter my class received from "Alpha Betty". Thanks for the comment on my blog - I've joined your followers too :)


Erin B said...

I told you I'd make it over! Your blog is awesome! I love the hearts and the purples! Precious :)

Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

Tiffany May said...

Now Heather this is just super cute!! I LOVE it! Thank you for sharing. =)

(( Hugs ))

Colleen Bergin said...

I love your page!

Thank you for telling me about the followers button, I have been trying to figure out how to get it for days. It is up and running on my blog now :-)



Jennifer Laffin said...

I love your Chef Ad J. Tive activity! Any time you can include food in a lesson, the kids are totally hooked! Your blog is awesome! I'm your newest follower!

Sharon Dudley said...

Heather, of course I love this idea! I looked for your email address but I couldn't find it. A really great opportunity for teachers has come to my attention, but I'd rather email you about it since I can only share it with a very small number of teachers. Can you send me a quick email so I can tell you about it?

Your biggest fan,

Sharon Dudley, NBCT
Teaching with Sight

Jess said...

Heather, what a fun activity! I love Chef Ad J Tive! Thanks so much for sharing your freebie :)


Early Years Fun

kaybee said...

I just came across your post and I L-O-V-E it!! I am a now a follower and I've already checked out your tpt store goodies as well. This cute chef and his frenchy letter is sure to be a big hit with my third graders. We learn a little french each week on Friday during our "french-fry day" The kids came up with that on their own!

Angie Monahan said...

This is PRECIOUS!! I am doing Regan Tunstall's Picnic Pals this Thursday and Friday and this is a MUST to go with them for a sweet treat! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thanks for sharing!!!

Monahan Monkey Madness

Teaching with TWitte said...

This adjective lesson is too cute! I could definitely use this with my third grade kiddos and they would love it! Once our Math state testing is over, I will be giving it a try! I'll keep you posted! Thanks :o)


Miss Mullett Rocks! said...

Hi Heather!!! Now I am your newest follower!! :) I LOVE your blog!! It is super cute!! I also love your adjective ideas!!! Your adjective chefs are adorable!! Great ideas!! :)

Firsties Rockin The Mullett

lola said...

Thanks for finding my blog, so I could find yours! I love how you challenge your little learners to use their brain. You're awesome!
Preschool Wonders

3rd Grade Theatrics said...

I love this! Absolutely cute. I know my kids will love this!!! Thanks for sharing. Thank you also for stopping by my blog. I am such a newbie and love getting to network with other teachers.

Abby said...

I love this cute activity! We are also learning about recipes in my room, so this is perfect! Thanks for sharing. :]

Jacque Prater said...

I love this idea! Adjectives are something that my kids always have a hard time with and I absolutely love this idea to teach it. I also love how you can tie inferencing in with this with the clues! Great idea Heather!

Jacque Prater

Kern Myra said...

After we inferred that we would be using strawberries, kiwi, blueberries, and a cookie, it was time for my little chefs to start cooking. They LOVED investigating the kiwi and got a kick out of this hairy fruit. We also got in some discussions about fractions and part-part-whole math.buy elo boost
lol elo booster

Humphrey Addison said...

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