Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Visit from Chester

I feel as if I have been too tired to even think about blogging. I was afraid if I actually stopped that I would fall asleep right then. Going through the first week of Boot Camp building your School Family is draining on my mouth. By the end of the day I feel as if I have met my word limit for the day. =)

Squawkers has really been watching and keeping his parrot eyes on us last week.

He sent us another package with shaving cream to practice writing letters, color words and word wall words. In the package, he also sent marshmallows for a lesson on using our marshmallow toes and marshmallow voices. Squawkers also told us a new friend would be visiting. This friend LOVES to sleep during the day. We brainstormed a list of animals that are awake during the night.

FYI: Be prepared for learning interesting information about what some of your babies see and hear during the night.

When we returned from lunch on Friday. the book of The Kissing Hand was on the rug. At the end of the book Chester left a note sending us on a Scavenger Hunt around the school. As we traveled around the school, we practiced using directions to tell us which way to go next. The last Scavenger Hunt clue led us back to the classroom where Chester had left us a package. We even spotted HIM!!!!!

In the package was a recipe. We had to follow the recipe telling us to add a certain amount of what was inside each bag (I am sorry for no pictures of the bag and the recipe). After following the recipe, Our School Family realized we had made Chester! =)

Aren't those so stinkin' adorable??!!????

the ingredients are:
*a rice cake
*apricots for the ears
*prunes for the mask
*purple grapes for the eyes and nose
*a banana slice for the mouth

Chester also left brain workout activities to help the Smarties in Our School Family exercise their brains. Here is one of the activities.

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carriebeez said...

I literally lol'ed reading about your nocturnal animals comments...I could only imagine what my kids would've come up with!
Love the Chester treats--I might add that to my scavenger hunt next year.

Carrie :)
The First Grade Derby

Alana Gilliam said...

So I am far from an elementary but what a cute and fun lesson! I bet the students were engaged the whole time.

Mrs. Parker said...

Does Squawkers have a twin? We could use a visit. :)
I just adore how you incorporate so much joy and surprise into your teaching. Your kids are lucky to have you in their lives. I am sure you feel the same way about them.

erin said...

What cute ideas, we already did Chester last week, but I am going to remember for next time!

Jan said...

What great ideas! We read The Kssing Hand on our first day. Hard to believe that was two and a half weeks ago already! I probably won't make toe adorable snack this year, but will be making the sorting activity! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

THis is so creative. THank you so much. I can not wait to read it in my classroom.

Mrs Poultney said...

What a fantastic day your kiddos had. These are the memories that stay with them. I love reading about all the fabulous things that happen in your classroom!
Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

Olwyn Hughes said...


Waking up at the disgusting hour of 5:30 on the second day back to school and discovering one of your posts in my inbox was a lovely way to start my day. Thank you for being such a wonderful role model for me. Have a great day!

Olwyn Hughes
Teaching in Turtlepond

Cindy Calenti said...

I really enjoyed your post. It brought back some very fond memories. When I was teaching kinders (many years ago - now I teach ECE at the college level) I had a few extra "peeps" in my class. I had "Tattle Tale Tellie"- she was a rather large rag doll that sat in the corner of the room. She was a good ear for those tattles that were not dangerous situations. She loved to hear tattling, as opposed to me- who did not! I had "Ratoncito" a little Spanish mouse who did not speak English. He would speak to me in Spanish, I would translate to the children, and Ratoncito and I would teach the children Spanish They, in turn, taught him English. I also had "Numbers Confuse Me Ned". He couldn't seem to remember how to count by 5's or 10's or even how to count to 100. He tried every day, and every day the children helped him. I LOVED my classroom crew. Thanks for triggering memories.

Granny Goes to School

Kari S. said...

I love the Chester snack recipe! What a great idea! I'm going to have to file it in my files for next year!

Anonymous said...

Could you please email me? I need help on the Turtle Talk Bingo please. Thanks so much.



Jammie Fewell said...

I always look forward to your posts!! I saw the Reading Strategy poster in the picture with Chester. Is that something you made?



amanda marie said...

This is so adorable! I bet your students are in awe every single day from the surprises they get! I would love to figure out how to make these kinds of activities work for fifth!

Laurie said...

The magic playdough is always a hit in my classroom too! What a great way to start the beginning of a new year.


Keri Yamnik said...

Your blog is awesome! So many fantastic ideas! The Kissing Hand is one of my favorite books!

I'm your latest follower! Thanks for checking out my blog!

Melissa said...

What an adorable bunch of activities. It reminded me of when I taught K! Thanks for sharing !
;0) Melissa

Rhonda said...

Thanks for the great activities Heather. I will certainly add them to my activities. I love the edible raccoon, a great idea.
Classroom Fun

Missy said...

What a wonderful blog! Glad I found it. Thank-you for the wonderful ideas! Missy

This Little Teacher said...

That's really cute!

I always think to myself that I'll have to watch what I say around any future children I may have. Sometimes my students say things and I think, 'Oh my. Your mother would DIE if she knew you just told me that!'

So sweet!!

This Little Teacher said...

That's really cute!

I always think to myself that I'll have to watch what I say around any future children I may have. Sometimes my students say things and I think, 'Oh my. Your mother would DIE if she knew you just told me that!'

So sweet!!

Anonymous said...

Love these ideas. We "do" Chester every year. I'm gonna have to hunt up a racoon stuffy!
Firsties in FL

Hailey Deloya said...

Those chester treats are so cute! We will have to try them in my class. Thanks for stopping by Autism Tank. Your blog looks great! Happy you found me!

Charlotte Braddock said...

Love the word, letter, sentence sort. Thank you for sharing.

Creatively yours,


Mary Ruthrina said...

That's just so cute! I like your blog. Thanks for sharing. I'm thinking of booking hotels with family rooms in chester so that I could get a look at the place too.