Sunday, August 14, 2011

Don't Break the Bank

I love differentiation strategies! There are some I use everyday and some that are more difficult to use. Don't Break the Bank is a favorite of my kiddos and me too! We model this one at the beginning of the year and create them together with interactive writing. Here's what you'll do. Choose a topic you have been working on, the amount of money in your piggybank, and how much each word is worth(we always do 5 cents so the kiddos can practice counting by 5's.) The goal is to write the most important information about your topic without breaking the bank with how much you spend for each word. This is great practice for developing the main idea of a topic. I've included an example in the download. This would be great in 2nd grade as a beginning of the year "All About Me" activity where the children share about themselves. Please leave me a heart note if you like this.....your encouraging words inspire me to create and share more!

2 heart notes:

Sarah said...

Soooo fun! I am going to pass it on to our 2nd Grade Teachers!! LOVE! I think they will too!! :D Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Great Activity!! Good differentiation strategy and main idea practice! Thank you for sharing!